Are Young Africans Lacking Ambition?

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It’s ironically obvious that being a young African is more of an opportunity rather than a burden, with the current set of challenges facing young people in Africa; Unemployment, HIV/AIDS,  you name it. But yet again it’s terribly important to ask ourselves, is it that we young Africans are lacking ambition?
The other day i had an interesting conversation with a good friend, an IT expert as such a young age, on the importance of IT awareness among the African young generation. The internet business is probabaly the goldmine for the young generation seeking to create successful business ventures.  Still, Can’t we have our own silicon valley? Was Mark Zuckerberg have to be non-African? Are all the great start ups have to be non-African? Can’t young Africans compete with other young people all over the world squarely?
Simple, AMBITION! Young Africans lack ambition. We’ve become slaves of employment, that we have to be employed to put food on our tables. We want to live the moment and care less about tomorrow. We are afraid of opportunities, we are convinced that being young is being less superior. Each and every day the world needs new mindsets, new ideologies, new leaders;that should be the definition of young people.  We lack the courage to step up and take over leadership positions to make a difference in our generation. Does it have to be this way?
Young people don’t always do what they’re told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. ” ― Rick Riordan.  Young Africans need ambition to fulfill the African Dream. We’ve got to rise to the occasion and make the rest of the world listen to the African song. Unemployment?-screw it, let’s do entrepreneurship; HIV/AIDS?-let’s be responsible; Racism? -We are the finest human beings, don’t you think? Tribal discrimination?-Let’s live like a big young family. Let our minds be clouded with goals and visions for mother Africa. The beauty of Africa is in the hands of young people. We have to be allergic to poverty, ensure it doesn’t define who we are as Africans. We shouldn’t complain of bad leadership rather let’s rise up and take over leadership in our societies. A difference has to be made, and young people should be the ones to make it.
It’s a big shame that young Africans lack role models among the older generation. Its regrettable that the paths set for us are stained with corruption, discrimination,bad leadership and so many other vices. It’s not fair to carry the same burden to the coming generations, lets be the change and set our own paths.
All this requires one ingredient, AMBITION! Let’s live life as architects of Africa’s future. Finally, as young Africans we need to share common recognition that all of us stand to lose if we fail to transform our continent. Being Young is an opportunity, but being a Young African is a greater opportunity. Be the Change, Be AMBITIOUS =)=)

Alex Ndegwa said it 😀


8 thoughts on “Are Young Africans Lacking Ambition?

  1. i love this man!! it has inspired me for the rest of the year…. you should really think about inspirational talks. this is good stuff… i mean great stuff. I feel like it is just what i needed to boost myself and my community (ramisi, kwale, south-coast) to the next level. thank you soooo much!! 🙂

    • haha Walter Mukira thank you =) Someone needs to knock sense in our generation less everyone who wants to take advantage of us has all the opportunities in the world. #MindSpeak

  2. mokaya says:

    Alex yu are moving Africa by an inch foward everytime you write. keep it flowing man.we are listening.thank you.

  3. Hope Wambui says:

    I actually gave my mother to read this…this is what she said”I am glad the writer is your friend”
    As small as you are you got a great furure…
    You article is real and true…
    and i second you…
    i am actually very inspired by your article…
    i feel better and more ambitious

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