Push Me Till I Realize My Value.

I’ve always lacked words to describe this scenario but she did it. Makes so much sense =) Re-blogged because it’s also what Alex thinks.

My Views Exactly

” Everyone’s pushes…it’s part of life I guess? But I realized the ones you push away sometimes don’t come back or don’t fight back. It’s sad once you think about it. But that means they didn’t really care enough to stick around anyway… ”

Some other girl.

There might be some truth to that statement. Might. I think it’s wrong logic.

True, people push others away, not everybody though. And the ones being pushed away? Well they don’t just let themselves be pushed away, they try to stay but do you think they don’t get tired of trying?

They care enough to stick around and endure with whatever you are putting them through. They hurt though. Tonnes. And then the light bulb goes off. “Why stick around anymore when all I’m doing is hurting? I deserve better.” And with that, they’re off.

You just pushed them to the point where…

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