The ‘lost’ LOYALTY


I’m lying on my bed trying to cram lines for some musical play I’m acting in with my white earphones plugged into my ears. My attention is completely disrupted by this new ‘loyal’ song by Chris Brown that has everyone talking about loyalty. This whole buzz gets me thinking, when did we lose our loyalty? We are not loyal to our lovers, we are not loyal to education, we are not loyal to morality, we are not loyal even to our dreams and ambitions. See loyalty demands a strong feeling of support or allegiance, it demands commitment and passion for whatever cause. And if indeed we really need that positive shift in our lives, then sir/madam you need a prescription of loyalty. I must admit I have failed loyalty one too many times, but have i learnt from the experiences? Well honestly never! But today I’ve got to build a sparkle of loyalty in my life especially to my dreams and ambitions. Do I want to be a successful youngtrepreneur? Yes since i was young. Am i doing anything to make it happen? Yes, with my fantasies. See, that’s the problem with many young people, our loyalty is in thin air originating from our tool of speaking. Loyalty isn’t making promises to your girlfriend while screwing another out of sight but maturing up and staying true to her. Loyalty isn’t talking about this ‘multimillion’ business idea you have but sitting up and building it. Loyalty Isn’t about talking to people how generous you are but giving that one coin to that homeless street kid. Loyalty doesn’t require you telling the world of being the next greatest lawyer yet you have never been fair to anyone. If we really are to talk about loyalty then let’s bold commitment and allegiance. What I’ve learnt from my teenage years is that loyalty is a virtue of faithfulness and happiness is always the result of our loyalty to the achievement of our values. Let’s be loyal with ourselves, let’s cloud our judgements with loyalty, be loyal to our friendships, partnerships and relationships. After-all what is trust without loyalty.

“Those who appreciate the price of betrayal through experience, honor the value of LOYALTY by practice, in business and in life.” ~Annie Armen

Because that’s what Alex thinks



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