“The Little Infinities That Create Bigger Possibilities”


Have you ever been in these scenarios? There is that someone in your life who barely cares about you yet you still try to strike a conversation almost all the time. There is that boy/girl who isn’t really cute yet you find yourself thinking about them all day. There is that sitcom you detest so much yet you find yourself watching it most times. Or you’ve been in a relationship where you’ve reaped each others hearts yet you still find comfort in one another all the time. Well, I think Ive been in all those situations.
When very tiny pieces of gold are found on a certain surface, it could lead to a whole operation of drilling the ground there. It’s the little things in our life that push us towards something or someone. It’s those little infinities that create a bigger opportunity for us to accomplish great things. I’ve once liked a girl just for the kind of smile she gives when I talk to her.A rock is not a rock, if the little particles of sand were not glued together by natural means. See, that small experience we get in our day-to-day living is what makes us the best Dad and Mum the next years to come. Just that attention she gives you when you tell her your problems is probably what will make you take her to the altar. Just that happy face you make to everyone you talk to maybe what makes them forget the problems in their lives.

I know this sounds like blackmail but maybe those little things you think you shouldn’t do in the office is what guarantees your promotion. well there is this girl i really like but honestly I’m not sure if it’s the same on the other side. So i just try to make this big smile when she comes by, greet her with such great enthusiasm, address her like queen,oh my ♥. Am I crazy? Maybe that’s what you think, but everyday i do that it gives me that little hope that one day she may like me too.

People all over the world spend time and money for very big things to prove love, loyalty, friendship and commitments and yet make no difference. Why? Because life at times needs little things to create bigger impressions and expressions. Sending a card or flowers could be worth more to someone than sending them that very expensive wine. Little things give a wide scope of expressing ourselves in a beautiful way because it’s not common. It’s all about being true, I mean, little things given by a big heart are more worth than big things given for just an impression. Yesterday I was at the junction mall for an impromptu meet up with my best friend, and there i was very broke especially after what i had been through during the day. We are standing at Subway then i blurt out ”I’ll be so broke after this”. She convinced me it wasn’t really worth it at that time and we just bought snickers and yoghurt (she used hers to decorate my face though). It didn’t make a difference to our friendship.
It’s really the little things that shed light on our paths for bigger things. Those windows in the house are able to light a whole room, so will the little things we do to people make a big difference in their lives. IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE BIG.



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