Push Me Till I Realize My Value.

I’ve always lacked words to describe this scenario but she did it. Makes so much sense =) Re-blogged because it’s also what Alex thinks.

My Views Exactly

” Everyone’s pushes…it’s part of life I guess? But I realized the ones you push away sometimes don’t come back or don’t fight back. It’s sad once you think about it. But that means they didn’t really care enough to stick around anyway… ”

Some other girl.

There might be some truth to that statement. Might. I think it’s wrong logic.

True, people push others away, not everybody though. And the ones being pushed away? Well they don’t just let themselves be pushed away, they try to stay but do you think they don’t get tired of trying?

They care enough to stick around and endure with whatever you are putting them through. They hurt though. Tonnes. And then the light bulb goes off. “Why stick around anymore when all I’m doing is hurting? I deserve better.” And with that, they’re off.

You just pushed them to the point where…

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The ‘lost’ LOYALTY


I’m lying on my bed trying to cram lines for some musical play I’m acting in with my white earphones plugged into my ears. My attention is completely disrupted by this new ‘loyal’ song by Chris Brown that has everyone talking about loyalty. This whole buzz gets me thinking, when did we lose our loyalty? We are not loyal to our lovers, we are not loyal to education, we are not loyal to morality, we are not loyal even to our dreams and ambitions. See loyalty demands a strong feeling of support or allegiance, it demands commitment and passion for whatever cause. And if indeed we really need that positive shift in our lives, then sir/madam you need a prescription of loyalty. I must admit I have failed loyalty one too many times, but have i learnt from the experiences? Well honestly never! But today I’ve got to build a sparkle of loyalty in my life especially to my dreams and ambitions. Do I want to be a successful youngtrepreneur? Yes since i was young. Am i doing anything to make it happen? Yes, with my fantasies. See, that’s the problem with many young people, our loyalty is in thin air originating from our tool of speaking. Loyalty isn’t making promises to your girlfriend while screwing another out of sight but maturing up and staying true to her. Loyalty isn’t talking about this ‘multimillion’ business idea you have but sitting up and building it. Loyalty Isn’t about talking to people how generous you are but giving that one coin to that homeless street kid. Loyalty doesn’t require you telling the world of being the next greatest lawyer yet you have never been fair to anyone. If we really are to talk about loyalty then let’s bold commitment and allegiance. What I’ve learnt from my teenage years is that loyalty is a virtue of faithfulness and happiness is always the result of our loyalty to the achievement of our values. Let’s be loyal with ourselves, let’s cloud our judgements with loyalty, be loyal to our friendships, partnerships and relationships. After-all what is trust without loyalty.

“Those who appreciate the price of betrayal through experience, honor the value of LOYALTY by practice, in business and in life.” ~Annie Armen

Because that’s what Alex thinks


Change the Culture, Change the Game

“The first step – especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money – the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.”
Young people are constantly about positive change, perhaps its the notion we have that it’s the key to a blissful life. What is change? See, what young people don’t seem to realize is that culture is everything about change. You change the culture, you transform the habits. HIV/AIDS is not killing us, it is the stigma attached to it. We have to turn around our every day habits to create the positive change we so admire. Are you going to complain of the in-capacities of your government yet you barely complete your class assignments? It is how you do the little things that determines how you will do the  bigger things. So many a times have I taken breaks in my life to evaluate myself and change how i live my life yet i end up in the same place. I’m I stupid? I believe not. I failed to realize that i had to change my negative attitudes, my beliefs maybe, my bad habits to have that turn around in my life. Let’s look at how we do things as a community. Yeah, it’s world environment day, and all green organizations are out in the streets and media rallying people to plant trees. We then plant 10 million trees, But then what? A hundred million trees will be cut before the next world environment day. Is that a difference or negligence? The positive habits we want to see and embrace have to define our everyday living to make a difference. A whole turn over of how we do things as young people is what is going to be the game-changer of our lives. Our every day experiences will determine our culture, it will form the basis of our beliefs, our attitudes, which then determine our actions. Our collective experiences is what will drive the change wave across this Africa continent we adore so much. Let us live the Change experience to make a difference. If at all you want to live the life you wanna live, change the culture of which you do things. We’ve got one life to live, and we have an obligation to live it best. Change the CULTURE to change the GAME.


Are Young Africans Lacking Ambition?

African map

It’s ironically obvious that being a young African is more of an opportunity rather than a burden, with the current set of challenges facing young people in Africa; Unemployment, HIV/AIDS,  you name it. But yet again it’s terribly important to ask ourselves, is it that we young Africans are lacking ambition?
The other day i had an interesting conversation with a good friend, an IT expert as such a young age, on the importance of IT awareness among the African young generation. The internet business is probabaly the goldmine for the young generation seeking to create successful business ventures.  Still, Can’t we have our own silicon valley? Was Mark Zuckerberg have to be non-African? Are all the great start ups have to be non-African? Can’t young Africans compete with other young people all over the world squarely?
Simple, AMBITION! Young Africans lack ambition. We’ve become slaves of employment, that we have to be employed to put food on our tables. We want to live the moment and care less about tomorrow. We are afraid of opportunities, we are convinced that being young is being less superior. Each and every day the world needs new mindsets, new ideologies, new leaders;that should be the definition of young people.  We lack the courage to step up and take over leadership positions to make a difference in our generation. Does it have to be this way?
Young people don’t always do what they’re told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. ” ― Rick Riordan.  Young Africans need ambition to fulfill the African Dream. We’ve got to rise to the occasion and make the rest of the world listen to the African song. Unemployment?-screw it, let’s do entrepreneurship; HIV/AIDS?-let’s be responsible; Racism? -We are the finest human beings, don’t you think? Tribal discrimination?-Let’s live like a big young family. Let our minds be clouded with goals and visions for mother Africa. The beauty of Africa is in the hands of young people. We have to be allergic to poverty, ensure it doesn’t define who we are as Africans. We shouldn’t complain of bad leadership rather let’s rise up and take over leadership in our societies. A difference has to be made, and young people should be the ones to make it.
It’s a big shame that young Africans lack role models among the older generation. Its regrettable that the paths set for us are stained with corruption, discrimination,bad leadership and so many other vices. It’s not fair to carry the same burden to the coming generations, lets be the change and set our own paths.
All this requires one ingredient, AMBITION! Let’s live life as architects of Africa’s future. Finally, as young Africans we need to share common recognition that all of us stand to lose if we fail to transform our continent. Being Young is an opportunity, but being a Young African is a greater opportunity. Be the Change, Be AMBITIOUS =)=)

Alex Ndegwa said it 😀