I slept quite early yesterday despite having my ACCA exams upcoming in a weeks time, well I was to attend a meeting for an organization i founded on youth entrepreneurship. Well i have a very weird waking up early habit, I think i should share it, it could beĀ  a psychological or health problem, i really have no clue. See if I want to wake up at 6am, i have to set my first alarm two hours before and many others for an interval of like 20 minutes. You may suggest i use the most annoying ringtone but I’ll end up snoozing it, you may also suggest i use my favorite song but it well end up being a lullaby for a perfect sleep.
Well I was able to wake up early, but I was glued to my bed trying to find someone online and talk to, looking at the ceiling and fantasizing my own things, point is I lacked inspiration to get off my sleeping zone. The moment I thought about the success of my organization changing young lives across Africa, I just couldn’t help it but spring out of bed. See many business executives are early birds because they are always inspired to making their companies better by the day, sole traders are on the streets as early because they are inspired to improve their livelihood. You have to search for inspiration that will wake you up everyday. It doesn’t have to be a company, it could even be the little things such as trimming flowers outside your house for a start. Be inspired to do something different that you barely do, something that makes a difference in your life or someone else’s life. That one thing is better than having done nothing. Is there something that will make you wake up early and put a smile on your face tomorrow? Search for it, Find your every day inspiration, after-all it’s our obligation to make a better world every single day. Tomorrow is never a guarantee